Comic strip on Sachin for Open Magazine

A short and sweet break from the storyboard/Art direction jobs.... Open Magazine commissioned a comic strip commemorate Sachin's 50th test century... strip was ready before the India Newzealand series. Just leaving the last page to be done as and when he gets to the milestone. The wait was getting longer and finally the series got over without sachin getting his 50th ....

Next up was the India tour of South africa...the magazine decided to go ahead with a Sachin Special issue and carry the strip as the cover story.....The timing couldn't be better. Sachin scored his 50test ton within two days of the issue hitting the stands and the comic strip topped UK Guardian's 'Our favorite things this week' list.

Thoroughly enjoyed the whole process from developing the story and treatment through to the final execution. It gave me a huge boost to get back to my Graphic novel project that I've just been sitting on for almost two years.

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