Nihar Naturals TVC

When we were contacted for this project, it was supposed to be a chroma set for a stop motion shoot. Given my background in animation, Suresh wanted us to supervise the Art dir.

The patachitra treatment got us excited and we suggested to do the whole thing in real rather than chroma. It was a bit overambitious to pull it off within the timeline of a chroma set. More so, because a lot of artworks which could have been done later, now needed to be done before the shoot.

teamed up with Bimal, Pradipta and Priyankar and plunged into a 4 day nonstop artwork session. Artists from Studio Eeksaurus also pulled in and we all had a great time.

Production House: Studio Eeksaurus
Director : E.Suresh
Production Design: Offish
Artworks: Pradipta Roy, Bimal Poddar, Priyankar, Prasun Basu, Eeksaurus Studio

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