We are proud to be associated with this landmark Biographical museum on the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi in Gandhinagar, Gujrat. We conceptualised and executed three key installations depicting three key events from his life for the museum.

The Museum was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi on 8th Jan 2015, on the occasion of 100th anniversary of Mahatma's return to India from South Africa.

Concept sketch
Work In Progress

The final sculpture



CREATURE V'TURE (call it "Creature Venture" or simply "creature viture")

A dedicated studio and workshop for Character Arts providing a range of services from Creature Costumes, Animatronics, Prosthetics,  Hyper-real Sculptures and Dummies, Special Props and Armours, Mascots and more

(Click on the image below for pics of our Creature Costumes and masks)


To get an opportunity to design for a Period Fantasy is any Production Designer's dream.

Our association with Triangle Films actually started with a proposed show on Maharana Pratap. Almost a month into research and pre-production we got to know that the subject has already been taken up and the show is about to go on-air on Sony.

 It was back to drawing board for Triangle Films and a big disappointment for us for missing an opportunity to work on a period drama. It turned out to be a HUUUGE boon in disguise when Nikhil Sinha called us up a month later to inform that we are going to do "Hatim" instead.

(click on the poster image for stills of the sets)

Production Design fot Swift TVC

Production House : Chrome Pictures
Director: Manoj Pillai
Production Design: Prasun Basu (Offish)

Production Design for Haywards 5000 "Hausla Buland"

Production House: Apostrophe
Director: Koushik Sarkar
Production Design: Prasun Basu (Offish)

Production Design for Kuoni TVC

Production House : Chrome Pictures
Director:Hemant Bhandari
Production Design: Prasun Basu, Gauri Tiwari
Props: Gauri Tiwari, Sharanya Menon


Proud to be part of this project as Production Designers for Dibakar Banerjee's short.

Production Design for Cadbury Eclairs TVC

Production House : Electric Dreams Film Company
Director: Aniruddha Sen
Production Design: Prasun Basu
Props: Ariz Naqvi, Sharanya Menon

Sony Bravia TVC

Production House : Fleet Entertaiment Pvt Ltd.
Director: Albert Kodaglian
Production Design: Kalpesh Patel, Prasun Basu
Prop Stylist: Rose Petrov

Life in your day : Network 18 promo

Production House : Freshwater Films
Director : Dibakar Banerjee
Production Design (Mumbai Locations): Offish
Production Design (Delhi Locations): Mustafa Stationwala

Nihar Naturals TVC

When we were contacted for this project, it was supposed to be a chroma set for a stop motion shoot. Given my background in animation, Suresh wanted us to supervise the Art dir.

The patachitra treatment got us excited and we suggested to do the whole thing in real rather than chroma. It was a bit overambitious to pull it off within the timeline of a chroma set. More so, because a lot of artworks which could have been done later, now needed to be done before the shoot.

teamed up with Bimal, Pradipta and Priyankar and plunged into a 4 day nonstop artwork session. Artists from Studio Eeksaurus also pulled in and we all had a great time.

Production House: Studio Eeksaurus
Director : E.Suresh
Production Design: Offish
Artworks: Pradipta Roy, Bimal Poddar, Priyankar, Prasun Basu, Eeksaurus Studio

Nerolac TVC

Production House: Storytellers
Director : Arun Gopalan
Production Design : Offish
Props: Offish Workshop

Production Design for Canon Powershot TVC

Director: Kaushik Sarkar
Production House: Appostrophe films
Production design: Prasun Basu (Offish)
Prop Styling: Gauri Tiwari (Offish)

Production Design for Coke_Umeed Vali Dhoop tvc

Production House : Apostrophe films
Director : Koushik Sarkar
Production Design & Prop Styling: Gauri Tiwari

Production Design for Haywards 5000 - Hausla Buland Anthem

Production House: Apostrophe
Director: Koushik Sarkar
Production Design: Prasun Basu (Offish)

Production Design for TATA SALT TVC

Production House: Chrome Pictures
Director: Hemant Bhandari
Production Design: Prasun Basu
Prop Styling: Gauri Tiwari

Prop Styling for MTR Magic masala Tvc

Production House: Bob & Lola Productions
Director : Amitabh and Lolita
Prop styling : Gauri Tiwari

Production Design for Old Idea-New Idea tvc

Production House: Chrome Pictures
Director: Amit Sharma
Production Design: Gauri Tiwari & Prasun Basu

Silicon and Fur masks

Client: Storytellers
Masks: Offish Workshop

After the chicken suit for Make My Trip TVC another fun project...5 life size masks in 4 days flat...Unfortunately the masks cudn't make their TV debut due to a change in the concept for the TVC